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Palm Trees

Jungle Music Palm Tree Directory
Below, features will help you discover rare and unusual palm trees for sale. We have over 200,000 palm trees, cycads and other tropical plant of approximately
1000 species.  Also shown are some likes to articles on all types palm trees, their culture and care.  Consider viewing our Palm Tree Photo Gallery with over 3100+ hundred palm photos. 


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  Palm Tree Species/Prices Available (Price List)
Recently updated, this is a link to our complete palm availability, size and price database. You will see a large table with a long list of plants we are growing (availability changes over time) with prices in various sizes.  Although this changes over time, we try to update it as much as possible.  For up to date availability, just email or call us. 

palms for sale

   Palm Tree Seedlings (Liners) For Sale (Price List)
This lists plants that are available in smaller sizes.  These plants are typically in "band" containers and are often good sized small plants, sometimes up to five years old. A "band" is a container 3x3x9 inch square container and is the most common pot used on seedlings.  It is not a "community pot" used for germination.  Please inquire about specifics on availability and size.

palm tree seedlings

  Larger 24 inch Boxed Sun-Ready Palm Trees (Price List)
These are larger plants available in a 24 inch box.   This is a good size because men can carry and plant them without heavy equipment.  Plant ages are typically 8 to 10 years old or more.  Most are outdoor grown in the sun and in 24 inch boxes.  For even larger crane sized plants, see the next category below.

 Large Specimen Palm Trees and Cycads (Crane Sized Specimens)
This is an offering of more rare palms but in bigger sizes, most requiring cranes or heavy equipment. These sizes are ideas for upscale projects, hotels, shopping centers or really special gardens. You'll find species that are difficult to locate in these bigger sizes.
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more palm trees

  Palm Species List (PDF file), THE "QUICK LIST"  (updated list in progress)
The purpose of this listing is to give palm and cycad enthusiasts a  quick list of the palm tree species offered.  It changes over time and will be update soon.  Sizes and prices are not included, but it gives you a quick reference as to what we grow.  For sizes and prices, go to the "Palm Tree Species/Prices" list and link above.

  Special Offering - Huge Kentia Palms For Sale
Call or email us if you want huge Kentia Palms,
Howea forsteriana.  Plants range from 15 to 30 feet with up to 20 feet of brown trunk and come as singles or multiples.  The Kentia Palm is a great species for coastal gardens. 

plant specials, discounts

Large Specimen Palms and Cycads
To help our customers who want larger plants, especially crane sized material, we work with and cooperate with several associates who grow larger specimens as a specialty. This includes everything from 30 inch boxes up to 60 inch boxes.
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  Palm Tree Help and Advice (Directory of Articles)
This section includes about fifty articles on palms, palm groups, palm culture and landscape with palms.  There is very helpful advice with lots of photographs.  These articles answer almost every question you might have about palm trees.  They are the culmination of decades of experience in growing palm trees.


   Palm Photo Gallery (Over 3100+ photographs)
This is one of the most popular parts of this website and probably the most comprehensive website photo gallery of palm trees on the Net.  New palm photos are continually added.  Presently we have over three thousand pictures of palm trees from all over the world.   If you want to view Cycad Photographs, visit our Cycad Picture Gallery at this Website.  If you want information on palms, check out the Palm Tree Help and Advice link above.  For purchases, visit our Palm and Cycad Availability/Price lists. (see links above)

photo gallery of cycads, palm trees, other exotic plants

   New Plant Arrivals at the Nursery
Clicking here will instantly show you our new arrival palms, cycads or tropical plants we are offering at our nursery. There are also very informative "mini" articles on species.  Often photos and prices given. This blog-like thread changes every few days. Popular and requested species will also be shown.
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Send mail to phil.bergman@junglemusic.net only with inquiries about Jungle Music nursery stock or mail order. (After over a decade and tens of thousands of phone calls and emails, we no longer offer free advice and consults by phone or email. See our free Palm Tree Help & Cycad Help Articles)

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