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News, Open House Sales  

About Phil Bergman, Southern California Nursery
 About Us

Published works on Jungle Music and its owner,  Phil Bergman.

This page also contains notice of open houses and commentaries from satisfied customers and other information on palm trees..

Information on Phil and Jesse Bergman.

This page also gives a brief description of Jungle Music and it's history.


  About Our Open House & Sales


  San Diego Nursery for over 41 years

  Welcome to Jungle Music

  Meet the Owner

  Nursery Tour

  Meet the Jungle Music Staff 
  Company Policies, Shipping, Warranties, and Refunds

Palm tree pictures
 Palm Trees For Sale

Cycads, buy, information, care, photos, sale, seedlings
 Cycads For Sale

This page contains our complete inventory of palm trees that we sell and their prices (from seedlings to large palms.)

Individual listings for seedlings and larger palms.

Find some very useful tips on horticulture of palms. 

This page contains our complete inventory on the availability and sizes of cycads.

Find some very useful articles on the horticulture and maintenance of cycads.

  Palm Trees (palms for sale)

  Palm Species List

  Palm Trees for Sale - Size/Price List

  Discounted Plants

   Palm & Cycad Blog

  Palm Seedlings For Sale

  Large Palms For Sale

  Crane Sized Palms

  Kentia Palm Trees For Sale Special

Palm Tree Help And Advice

Palm Photos (palm tree pictures)


  Cycads (cycads for sale)

  Cycad Species List

  Cycads For Sale, Full Price List

  Cycad Seedlings For Sale

  Large Boxed Cycads For Sale

  Sale Specials

  More Cycads Special

  Cycad Help & Advice

Cycad Photos


Other tropical plants for sale, buy
Other Tropical Plants

plant specials, discounts

Other than palm trees, there are other tropical plants and cycads that we sell.  

Palms and cycads that are on special and new exotics we get in.

This page is also where you will find the very informative video of Madagascar palms in the wild.


  Other Tropicals Price List

  Tropical Plant Photos


Discounts & Bargains going on right now!

  Other Sale Specials

  More Cycad Specials

  Kentia Palms For Sale Special

San Diego, Encinitas Nursery Location

How to mail order palm trees, online information
 Mail Order

Find written directions and a map to Jungle Music here

Explanation and requirements of mail orders.  Please note that we do not ship internationally. 

  Directions To Jungle Music


  How to Mail Order

photo gallery of cycads, palm trees, other exotic plants
 Photo Galleries

Contact JM Staff
 Contact Information

Photos of palms, cycads and some other tropicals.

Have any feedback or questions go to this page and write us.

  Palm Photo Gallery

  Cycad Photo Gallery

  Other Tropicals Photos

Send A Message to Junglemusic (inquiries for purchase, questions, etc.)

  Be Added To Our Mailing List!

links to other palm tree and cycad  related sites

Here you will find links to the International Palm Society, Botanical Gardens and other sites.

Palm tree picturesPALM TREE ARTICLES

Questions? Inquire about an order?   
Quick click to 
phil.bergman@junglemusic.net and get an answer right away!

Palm Tree Information, Help & Advice



Palms in the Landscape, Basic Concepts and Ideas

Palms in Containers

Placement Of Palms

How to Plant a Palm Tree

Greenhouse Culture Of Palms

Fertilizing Palms

Palm Seed Germination

Potting Soil for Palms

Acclimation Of Plants

Palm Tree Care and Common Names


Palm Buyer's Guide

New Plant Arrivals at Nursery: Palm Blog

Tropical Landscape

Landscape: the Most Important Thing

Actual Nursery Plants for Sale & Side by Side Photos of Mature Specimens

Palms for your area

Palm Gardens for Home or Business

Consultation on design ideas and Usage of Species

Water Conservation and Cycads

Large Specimen Palms and Cycads

Palms for Hot Desert Areas

Cycads in the Landscape, four part article with photos

Tropical Plants: Rainforest plants that look great in the garden


Photographs of Palm Trees (over 3000 photos)

Trachycarpus,the Windmill Palm

The Bamboo Palm

Dypsis lutescens, The Areca Palm

Chamaedorea, the Genus

Chamaedorea, the Species

The Queen Palm

The Pygmy Date Palm

Caryotas, Did You Know?

Palms Of Lord Howe Island

The Kentia Palm, Howea forsteriana

Date Palms and the genus of Phoenix

Bismarckia nobilis, the Blue Bismarck Palm

Jubaea chilensis, the Chilean Wine Palm

Butia X Jubaea Tutorial Video

Spiny Palms

Short Palm Trees

Palms Of New Caledonia

Palms Of Madagascar

Cold Hardy Palms

Why Choose Fan Palms

Palms As Houseplants

Fast Growing Palms

Palms for the Desert

Palm Buyer's Guide


Nursery tour palms and cycads

Meet The Owner

Mail Ordering from Jungle Music

What's New at the Nursery

News and Media Coverage of Jungle Music

Directions to Nursery

I Want To Sell My Palm Tree

San Diego Nursery


Palm availability/size/price database

New Plant Arrivals

How to Mail Order

Cycad availability/size/price database

Email Nursery about mail orders (or, just call us; it's quicker)



  • Organizations

  • Tropical Gardens

  • Other Palm and Cycad Sites

  • Landscape, general

  • Other 


Cycads, buy, information, care, photos, sale, seedlings
  Cycad Help & Advice
  • Water Conservation and Cycads
  • Potting Up Cycad Seedlings

      Cycads in the Landscape

  •     Cycad Potting Mix 

  • Establishing A Cycad Caudex or Offset in Pumice
  • Repotting a Cycad

  • African Cycad Photos

  • My Cycad Is In Trouble!
  • The Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta
  •  Pictures of Nursery Cycads and Mature Specimens

  • Encephalartos horridus, A Stunning Blue Cycad

  • Help with Selecting Cycads for Your Area

  • We Buy Cycads and Cycad

  •  New Cycad Plant Arrivals at the Nursery

  • Cycad Blog

  •  How to Mail Order

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