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Palm Tree: One of the most popular groups of trees with distribution throughout the world.  Palms are flowering trees that can be single trunk of have multiple trunks and have a crown of leaves above the trunk.

Palm Tree Names:  Most nurseries refer to palm species by their scientific or botanical names.  However, more common species are often referred to by Common Names.  Such names are easier to remember.  Examples would be "Queen Palm", King Palm", etc.

Palm Tree Trunk:  The supporting structure that holds up the leaves and can be very short in height or over 100 feet.  Rings are many times apparent.  These are actually scars from the point of attachment of old leaves.

Palm Tree Leaf There are three types:  The feather palm leaf (pinnate) with leaflets attached to and to either side of the stem.   Also, fan leaves that have attached leaflets forming a more circular leaf, usually divided at the outer part of the leaf.  And, there is an in-between leaf, a fusion of these two.

Suckering Palm A palm that starts off with one trunk and then grows additional trunks from the base of the original one.  This causes a "clumping" appearance, similar to Bamboo.

Self-Cleaning Palm Trees:  This is a term applying to some palms which shed their leaves (and leaf bases) when the leaf ages and turns brown.  They merely fall to the ground.  Most species, however, require time for the leaf stem to age and rot before falling to the ground.

Cold Hardy PalmRefers to palm species that can tolerate lower winter temperatures.  Usually people consider this group to be palms that can withstand temperatures below 20 to 23 degrees F.

Palm Tree Heights: As there are about 3000 species, there are species that do not get over about a foot tall.  In contrast, there are species that grow to well over 100 feet tall.

Common Palm Trees:  The most commonly seen and planted palm trees in Southern California are the Queen Palm, Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta), Pygmy Date Palm, and the Sago Palm (which is actually a cycad, not a palm tree).

Rare Palm Tree Species:  There are literally several hundred rare palm species that can be grown easily in our locality.  This includes genera like Bismarckia, Chambeyronia, Copernicia, Syagrus, Dypsis, etc.  

Palm Seeds:  All palm trees flower and have the capability to make seeds.  For some, you only need one tree to get seeds.  In contrast, there are others that require both a male and female plant to pollinate the flowers and produce seeds.  Viable seeds are usually prominently colored and contain fruit around the seed.

Drought Tolerant Palm Trees:  As a group, palm trees require average water.  This is much less than the requirements of the average lawn.  And, there are xerophytic species that tolerate drought and very little water.

Palm Trees in the Garden: Most important in creating a palm garden is knowing which species you like and can live in your particular area.  Cold tolerance is of paramount importance.  And, you must know which species like sun or shade.

Interior Palm Trees:  Care must be used in selecting the right palm species for growing inside the home.  Some just do don't do well inside.  But, there are at least two dozen or more types that perform great in the home environment.  An article at this site shows you which do well.

Mail Order Palm Trees: In general, palm trees don't tolerate being shipped bare root without their soil.  Therefore, if you're buying palms on line, try to find a supplier who is qualified to (certified nursery) and does ship plants in their container with the soil attached.  This avoids immediate losses (up to 50%) and the almost guaranteed one year set back.




Raphia australis
Raphia australis
Roystonea regia
Roystonea regia
Acrocomia aculeata
Acrocomia aculeata
Cocos nucifera
Cocos nucifera, the Coconut Palm
Rhapis excelsa
Rhapis excelsa
Phoenix loureiroi var. loureiroi
Phoenix loureiroi var. loureiroi
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
Pritchardia pacifica
Pritchardia pacifica
Copernicia eckmanii
Copernicia exckmanii
King Palm
Archonotophoenix cunninghamiana, King Palm
Copernicia baileyana
Copernicia baileyana
Bismarckia nobilis
Bismarckia nobilis







Nursery Location:

 450 Ocean View Ave., Encinitas, CA  92024

Nursery Phone:  619 291 4605
Nursery Hours:

 Monday - Saturday, 9AM - 4PM
 Sunday typically closed

Directions to Nursery: Freeway Close. Take Freeway 5 to Encinitas
(10 minutes south of Oceanside, 30 minutes north of San Diego). 
Exit Leucadia Blvd West (toward ocean).
Immediate left on Orpheus Ave, left on Union St,
Right on Ocean View Ave to Nursery, which is at 450 Ocean View Ave
Mailing Address:

3233 Brant Street, San Diego, CA 92103


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