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The following is a listing of palms recently in stock, but availability changes quite quickly.  We apologize if we run out of the size you want. We are always open Saturdays at the Nursery.  Call for weekday appointments.  For mail orders, please contact us at 619 291 4605.  We do not ship internationally.  Thank you for your interest. 

-Phil Bergman, Owner
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Please Note: Prices/Availability can change without notice. No guarantees on survivability in your area.


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SpeciesCommonBand$1G $2G $3-5G $TreePot $15G $20G $25G $Box $
Syagrus amaraOvertop Palm, Moca Palm, Rhiticocos Palm40506085 210   
Syagrus botryophora  455590 200   
Syagrus cearensis 4055 95     
Syagrus coronataLicury palm40506090 210   
Syagrus costae          
Syagrus flexuosa  45       
Syagrus hybrid coronata x Queen      350   
Syagrus hybrid flexuosa x picrophylla      350   
Syagrus hybrid Queen x schizophylla      350  650
Syagrus hybrid, triple cross      350   
Syagrus inajai          
Syagrus litoralis      200   
Syagrus macrocarpa*          
Syagrus oleracea*    85     
Syagrus orinoenses    95     
Syagrus picrophylla    95 200   
Syagrus pseudococosCoco verde  5595 210   
Syagrus romanzoffianumQueen palm         
Syagrus ruschiana          
Syagrus sanconaColumbian foxtail  5595     


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