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Cycads for Sale

Discover why most people say we have the best offering of rare palms and cycads in the country. We have for sale over 250,000 palms, cycads and tropical plants of approximately 1000 species. This includes many tens of thousands of cycads.  Remember, availability does change and documents at this site lag behind reality. Some current prices may not be accurate.  If you call us, we can give you an update on any given species and a current price.  We can also email you photos of the plant(s) you are considering.  Remember, prices also can change without notice.  

Click any underline link below to begin browsing our cycad inventory.

Last modified: July 05, 2016

   Cycad Price/Availability List (Price List)

Our complete cycad availability/price table, sizes and prices included.  It will be a slow download, but most people should be able to download this document.  We do have a lot of cycads for sale.  Remember, cycads are sold by caudex size and cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.



Banner Palm and Cycad Collection July 2016

Recent Arrival, July 2016 - Private Collection of rare Palms & Cycads   Click to see this Offering 


Blue Encephalartos Collection

Just in
:  June, 2016 Several dozen blue Encephalartos from Private Collection :  See Collection!


   Cycad Seedlings For Sale (Price List)

The plant sizes vary and the age of the seedlings may be anything from a new seedling to one that is three to four years old.  Inquire about specifics on availability and size

  Large Sun-Ready Cycads for Sale (Price List)

These are large specimens and very nice. Most are coning sized or near-coning sized plants. Most are rare cycads and huge!  Table shows the large cycads in "instant landscape size", already adapted to full sun!

   Recently Arrived - Larger Rare Cycads from Private Collection
This collection of about fifty very large plants came from a private, outdoor garden in Southern CA and is now available for sale.
Encephalartos horridus 

  Cycad Species List  

The purpose of this listing is to give palm and cycad enthusiasts a list of the species offered at this time. Sizes and prices are not included.

  Cycad Specials (Price List)

"Blue Light Special": Good size blue Encephalartos horridus, Encephalartos trispinosus & Encephalartos lehmanii. These are wonderful, beautiful plants. Great plants for the collector and a great gift for the plant lover!

plant specials, discounts

  Cycad Help & Advice 

Find reference about care and maintenance for your cycad plants.  Whether you're dealing with the Sago Palm or rare cycads, this article has information for you.  . 


   Cycad Photograph Gallery (Over 1000 photographs!)

The cycad photographs represented here are from over 20 years of photographic work and study by myself and my son on cycads from around the world.  They are a compilation of cycad pictures from native habitats, public plantings, botanical and private gardens.  Great shots of Encephalartos, Dioon, Cycas, Ceratozamia, Zamia and lots of others. 

photo gallery of cycads, palm trees, other exotic plantsthousands of photos

  Cycad and Palm Blog
Started in June, 2011, this feature is updated every several days and shows what's new at the nursery, cutting edge, or just plain interesting.  Fun to read with lots of pictures of nursery plants and mature specimens.
photo gallery of cycads, palm trees, other exotic plants lots of photos

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